Konova Slider K5 120 (47.2 inch)

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  • This one is made in Korea by Konova at the highest quality
  • This is our Brand new model.
  • The K5 slider dolly moves can make your shots so much more cinematic.
  • Here are some differences between the K3 and the K5 sliders: 1. Bigger bearings and shaft 2. chrome plated 3. Lose weight 4. Max load improved 5. Two bubble levels
  • This product ships from our warehouse in California (except items that are out of stock). Please allow 5 business days. Will ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment. If you are located in California, items are shipped domestically within 2 business days after payment is cleared.

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-This one is made in Korea by Konova at hight quality
-The stable and smooth takes are the basic elements of the film art. Photos took accurately facilitate perception of content correctly and improve values of ultimate version of the movie.
-Main body made in Samsung factory.
-The Slide Cam it is a system that enable taking film photos with moving camera.
-Specially designed dolly moves on rail length 10000 mm leading the cam ahead of screened theme.
-The dolly is equipped with screw of 3/8 inch diameter.
-It can be mounted in a variety of ways includeing vertically, horizontally, diagonally, sideways as it has steel roller bearings that ride on a steel track it remains smooth regardless of orientation.
-To mount the head on the dolly it needs to be fastened in the same way as it was mounted on the support tripod.
-After mounting the Dslr on the head it is ready to work.
-After cropping of the theme and previous verification of track of the stage it is possible to start filming.
-The dolly moves very smooth on the rail so one should subtly remove it in chosen direction, the take supervising.
-Slide Cam presents perfect instrument for persons occupying film art.
-Equipped with 2 oil sil to remove dust
-The Slide Cam system is appropriate for amateur cameras, professional cameras as well as for cameras with the function of recording movies (for example Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 60D,Canon 500D~550D,Nikon 3100,D7000,Sony A55 etc).
-Recommended for : MANFROTTO 701 / 501 / 503 head
-Mounting to support tripods with 3/8″ or 1/4″ head
-Stable to run telephoto lens at 300mm
-Multi-using:Can be used as a Crane,Shoulder Rig and other ways.
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