Lastolite LL LR2486 2-Feet Cubelite

Get cheap Lastolite LL LR2486 2-Feet Cubelite

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    Lastolite’s beautifully engineered Cubelite takes the “light tent” concept to new heights of quality and convenience. It is fully collapsible for space efficiency and easy transport, yet sets up in seconds to form a self-contained, completely enclosed shooting environment free of unwanted reflections and shadows.

    The Cubelite is made of a durable white diffusion material allowing the subject to be lit from the sides, back, top and, with a suitable light table, the bottom. There’s even a handy pair of aligator clips inside for hanging paper to make a gradient light-curve background.


    • Ideal for Product Shots
    • Completely Shadowless Lighting
    • Perfect for Digital or Film Camera Photography
    • Isolates the Subject from Annoying Backgrounds
    • Collapses into the Storage Bag
    • Creates the Perfect Shooting Atmosphere for Glassware and Other Shiny Objects
    • Lights from Any Side
    • Carrying sleeve included

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    Lastolite LL LR2486 2-Feet Cubelite